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Wind Turbine C M S
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            The wind generator is to convert the wind energy into electrical energy equipment, wind driven spindle, the impeller through the gearbox, generator into electricity. With the input of large wind farm operation, the equipment operation faults of many. But the traditional repair methods is low efficiency, high cost, so the repair mode transformation imminent.

            Prediction, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of generator unit is the wind power generator equipment repair, maintenance of the primary means of management, many methods of condition monitoring, the main powerful, displacement, vibration, noise, temperature, pressure monitoring. Due to the vibration caused by mechanical damage ratio is very high, most applications in the diagnosis of mechanical vibration signal detection, wind power generator operation state can usually be embodied from the vibration data.

           Development of wind power generator condition monitoring system developed by the company, with vibration data real-time monitoring, analysis and alarm braking function. Can reduce the power loss of unplanned downtime and the resulting unit and repair costs, help to detect early hidden trouble, reduce the failure rate.

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