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Employees activities
Published : 2013-09-01       Views : 3808

       In order to enrich our amateur life, and enhance team cohesion, enhance exchanges and cooperation among employees. On 31th August 2013, company organized a team to pick grapes in Dawei Town which is the maximum grape garden of Hefei. Around 3 p.m. we drove to Dawei Town from the Pearl Plaza. As the early autumn, the temperature is high, but our enthusiasm was not affected by hot weather. We began our busy picking work as arriving at the vineyard. Some were in sole selection and some did group searching for picking satisfactory grapes. After a half-hour every basket had been filled with big, sweet grapes, everyone’s heart was filled with joy. And then we started to exchange our picking experience. Throughout the picking activities the vineyard was full with laughter. It was mutual love. We felt love and warmth of the great family.  

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